Sunday, 31 December 2017


As 2017 comes to a close, I've been thinking about the things that I have been the most thankful for this year so I wanted to take a moment and share a few things I'm grateful for! It's a different type of post for me but I wanted to share a more personal post to end the year.

I'm thankful for...

Family: We've been blessed with two (adorable) kiddos. As Micah has gotten older, we've been able to add new traditions each year. Not only at Christmas, but-year round. There's something so special when new traditions grow organically from your own family dynamics. I have loved creating new memories with him and look forward to creating more with Alessia as well. This year I also became an aunt for the first time as my brother and my sister-in-law welcomed their first son. We couldn't be more in love with baby C.

Childhood: I purposely wanted to give this one its own space on my list. The reason for that is because it's so important to me. We strive to be parents that give their kids a full childhood. One that really milks all they can get out of it! My hopes are to give them a childhood that they'll cherish forever. One that lets them explore, create, dream; one that celebrates them for who they are and who they are becoming each day. I want them to play in the rain, laugh until it hurts, splash in muddy puddles, climb the tree, have dessert before dinner once in a while and get the most of out being a kid as they can because I promise you one thing, it goes by fast. And all while Marco and I are doing this for them...we end up with the greatest blessing of all; watching their childhood unfold.

Friends: I began blogging this past February as a means of having a creative outlet. I never would've imagined that 10 months in, I would have met such cool, supportive, fun people! Thank you for all of your DM's, your likes and comments. I had no idea that Instagram was such an amazing community. I have loved getting to know you guys, getting to know the person behind the posts and I look forward to meeting more of you in 2018. It's because of you guys that I get to do what I love and for that, thank you!

Health: With so many things going on, sometimes we take health for granted. This year, I want to devote more time to self care. Sometimes I have so much going on with the kiddos, work, blogging, and all that makes up life that I end up putting myself last. I'm the worst person at taking time for myself (I've been wanting to book a's been 4 years since I keep letting it slide "for next week." I told you, I'm the WORST!) but I know how important it is! This year I want to get back to doing pilates. I know that it may not happen everyday but I want to commit to at least 20 minutes each day. I know that if I take a little bit of time for myself each day, it will not only be good for my health but it will make me a better mother, wife, daughter and friend. You can only give of what you have so it's important that we take time for ourselves as well.

Work: One of my biggest blessings to date has been my job. I work as a consultant at a children's mental health agency in Toronto. I began with them with a contract position in 2008 and went on full time in 2012. I absolutely adore the children I work with, the team of consultants I have the opportunity of working alongside each day and the management team. I have learned so much in this role, not only about children development and mental health but also about myself. I'm thankful for the families that allow me to come in and work with their children on a daily basis. It's a role in which I am challenged each day and although it is at times emotionally draining, it is also incredibly fulfilling.

Marco: Most of all, I'm thankful for my husband, my partner in all of this. He's the one that encourages me when I want to quit or when things get too hectic. He's my ride or die and my best friend. I couldn't do all this without his support and unconditional love. I'm so blessed to have you by my side though all of this! (And thank you for all of the pictures babe!)

2017 has been great to us and I can't wait to see what the new year holds! Happy New Years, friends!!


Thursday, 28 December 2017

Classic Winter Look

With all of the Christmas music playing everywhere, the twinkle lights and eggnog lattes, I still have all of the Christmas feels. With the cold weather, I've been wearing all of my wool coats and this white one from Zara has been on heavy rotation this December!

Most of the time, we tend to wear dark colours in the winter time here in Canada. We are constantly having to care for our clothes from snow, salt, sleet, slush and the list goes on and on. There's something so refreshing about wearing light colours in the Winter though so I try to wear light colours as much as possible to break away from my usual go-tos. Here's one of my favourite looks so far.

Although my style is pretty casual most of the time, I've been wearing OTK boots for date nights, holiday parties or meeting up with friends after work. If you've been thinking about getting a pair of OTK boots, I have reviewed the Stuart Weitzman highland boots here. They're an investment but they're versatile and can be dressed up or down throughout the Fall/Winter months.

This grey sweater is lightweight but extremely warm. Like I mentioned on my IG post, it's so warm and soft that I had to go back and get the same one in black. Turtleneck sweaters are a perfect classic staple for colder months. I promise you, they'll never go out of style! This one has braided detailing on the sleeves and neck, adding texture to my all-neutral look.

This year, I had to add a pompom hat. I searched for about a month for the perfect beanie because some of them end up being too big and some of stretch (not a cute look!). I finally found the shade I had been looking for and it's the softest material. This one is from Roots and is under $50! I always get tons of questions about it so I'm glad I waited it out until I found exactly what I had been looking for! Not only is it currently my favourite beanie, but it's also a Canadian brand! I have listed all of the details below.

Coat: Zara | Jeans: Banana Republic | Boots: Stuart Weitzman | Beanie: Roots


Friday, 22 December 2017

A Holiday Lookbook

With just three days until Christmas, most of us are running around, doing the final preps for the holidays. My family is from Argentina so we celebrate on the 24th of December. We start with appetizers and charcuterie early on in evening and move into our late dinner around 10ish. We ring in Christmas (much like we all do NYE) at midnight. It's not until after midnight, after we have all hugged and wished each other a merry Christmas, that we begin opening gifts. It's a long night but there's nothing quite like hanging on to traditions from back home. The following day, we wake up (slow) and have a huge family brunch. From there, the eating continues on and on for the rest of the day.

With all of the running around with gifts and decorations, most of us are probably still wondering what we'll be wearing during the holiday festivities. It's easy to fall back on black dresses during the holidays because they are such a classic staple but I wanted a softer look this year. Because I've always wanted to wear a tulle skirt, I thought that maybe Christmas was the time! I wouldn't usually wear tulle but if you can't be a little extra with your looks during the holidays, when can you be?! I'm pretty minimal and casual when it comes to fashion and beauty so I thought this look gave me the balance I was looking for.

Faux Fur Wool Coat: H&M | Skirt and Sweater: Marshall's | Shoes: Nine West 

This soft tulle skirt falls just below the knee and would look stunning with strappy sandals. I chose this beautiful black wool coat with a faux fur collar to dial up the glam a bit. I paired the tulle skirt with a thin, black fine wool turtleneck. I fell for the scalloped detailing; it's on both the cuffs and the neck. Because it's a thin sweater, it easily tucks into skirts and pants without it bunching. This turtleneck has been one of my favourite purchases of the season!

Do you have your holiday looks ready?

No matter how you celebrate the holidays, take the time to be present and enjoy each moment with your loved ones! Merry Christmas!!



Sunday, 10 December 2017

Christmas Inspired Date Nights

Nick and Jean:

Like most people, I LOVE Christmas. There's something so magical and romantic about the twinkle lights everywhere! I was talking to a friend the other day and she was asking me for some cute date ideas for Christmas. I have wanted to do a date night blog post for months now because Toronto is filled with amazing places but this got me thinking about holiday inspired date nights! So here we go. I have put together a list of some of my favourite date nights that are made for cozying, cuddling and getting in that holiday spirit. Although I have put together a list of Toronto and other surrounding places, if you don't live in the area, you could definitely get inspo from this list and apply it in your city!

Happy cuddling!

Toronto Christmas Market

The Christmas Market in the distillery has everything you could possibly want during the Christmas season. Amazing food, delicious desserts, warm brews, cobblestone walkways, music and lights. There are also about a million Insta-worthy spots for pics of both of you.


If you want to get out of the city but don't want to go too far, head towards Niagara-on-the-lake. Stay at cute little bed and breakfasts, take a carriage ride through downtown core or visit one of the many wineries for a Winter tour.

Christmas Tree Farm

Visit a local Christmas tree farm and choose your own tree. Make a day out of it! Get the tree, some hot cocoa, then get it home to decorate. I promise you, you'll laugh all day together. Just getting the tree on top of the car to get home is funny enough.

Jean from

Evergreen's Winter Village

If you're still longing for more Christmas markets, grab your skates and head over the Evergreen's and enjoy some skating, the Street Food Market, shop for local gifts or visit the onsite Farmer's Market. Evergreen's Winter Village is free of charge and runs until December 31st.

Ice Skating in Harbourfront Centre or Nathan Phillips Square

 If you're a couple that loves to brave the cold, this wintery date is perfect. Both locations offer amazing backdrops. In Nathan's Phillips Square, you're in the heart of Toronto. The Toronto sign also gives you beautiful pictures at night.

If you're looking for a lake view, head over to Harbourfront Centre. They have DJ Skate Nights on Saturdays starting at 8pm with different DJ's headlining each week.


My husband and I always love turning our Christmas shopping into date-nights. It keeps the act of checking off the Christmas list from feeling like a task. We walk around the city for hours, stop at little cafes on the way to warm up and hopefully, get most of our presents checked off the list. One of our favourite spots for our yearly Christmas (present) date-night is the Bloor-Yorkville Village. You can get a pizza where Queen Bey ate at Trattoria Nervosa, get drinks at Hemingway's and stop to see the twinkle lights at the Village of Yorkville Park. Also, you may or may not run into one of the cast members of the Toronto housewives.

Escaping citylife for a weekend in Muskoka

If you're looking for a quick getaway but want to feel like you're in a whole other world, I definitely recommend renting out your own cozy cabin for a weekend in Muskoka. Just think; fireplace, hot chocolate, outdoor hot tubs, all of the serenity you could possibly want and waking up to this amazing view in the morning. What else could you ask for?

What are some of your favourite winter date spots?

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Stuart Weitzman OTK Boots Review + Caring for Suede Boots

Review + How to Care for Suede Boots

I have a fashion wish list that I’ve been keeping for a couple of years now and last month, I purchased something that had been on my list for over a year! I made some closet space for a pair of Stuart Weitzman suede boots. You’ve probably seen them all over Instagram and on your fave celebrities and there’s a reason for why you have seen them all over. They really are that good. I’ll go over a few of the points that sold me over on these boots as they really are an investment. I read a lot of information and reviews on them before I purchased them. I knew I wanted a pair for Fall so of course, being that I’m such a sucker for neutrals, I went with the grey. Surprisingly enough though, I purchased the highlands rather than the lowlands (I usually prefer flats to heels). I had currently purchased a pair of flat grey OTK boots so I figured that for the SW pair, I’d try the heels! Here’s what I have learned about them in the past month.


Honestly, if you have been looking to invest in a great pair of boots, these boots are totally worth it. I would definltey recommend going with a pair of Stuart Weitzman. Whether you are into a heel or would prefer a flat boot, the quality in amazing. They are the most comfortable boots I have worn and they are so warm, that they'll keep your legs warm on those chilly, Fall days. One of my favourite things about them was how supple and soft the suede is. Trust me, your legs will love them!

One of the selling factors for me was the fact that they are also petite friendly. I highly recommend these boots for petites. Because of the stretch, they conform to your leg, decreasing that gap between your leg and the boot at the calf. They also have a tie at the back so you can tie it up to avoid them sliding down as you walk. I haven’t had any issues with mine and they have stayed put all day long!


 I find it hard to find heels that are comfortable enough to be worn all day long but these boots are amazingly comfortable. The thicker blocked heel helps the comfort level. If you are trying to decide between the high heel version or the flat boots, just try to think of what you’d get more use out of. I definitely would get more use from the flat boots, but like I mentioned, I had just recently purchased a pair so I went with the heel version. A lot of petites have a hard time finding great boots that actually fit properly and these are high quality pair that I definitely recommend.


Like all things that are worth the investment, care is a major part of the package. Caring for these boots will take a little more effort than your Hunters, but you definitely want to make sure that you are covering all your bases to decrease the chances of something happening to the suede.

1. Spray them with a stain repellent prior to wearing them. You don’t want to be wearing these suede babies in the snow or rain so to my fellow Canadians, these boots will probably only make an appearance during the fall months and be tucked in for winter months, far away from snow and slush.

2. Brushing: The boots come with a suede block that can be used to brush the suede. Also brush the boots after spraying the boots with the stain repellent in order to help the boots return to their original appearance. If you happen to get a little dirt on them, use the brush to gently brush off any dirt.

3. Storage: I like to keep my shoes in their original boxes but I know others buy plastic containers for each pair. As long as you are putting them back in their own box so they aren't being crushed with other pairs of shoes or boots, they should be okay. I keep mine lying horizontally in their box. Some people choose to use boot inserts in them while in storage to help keep them in their original shape. The problem with boot shapers is that if they are too big, you risk stretching the leather out.

What suede boots are you guys currently wearing? The next SW boot on my list? The 5050!


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The DockATot Grand

As a mom of two, I'm always looking for innovative products that make our lives as parents, a little bit easier. When I came across the DockATot, I knew it was a product I wanted to look into. I did some research and here are a few points that won me over! 

About the DockATot: 
The DockATot is a multi-funcional cot that is meant for playing, resting, tummy time or play time. They are all-natural, 100% cotton, Swedish design and are currently handmade in Europe. The DockATot was designed to mimic the mother's womb, creating a soft surrounding for babies to lie in and feel soothed and comforted. 

The DockATot offers two sizes. Because Alessia was already ten months old when we got one, we went with the DockATot Grand that is meant to carry your baby from 9 months to 3 years of age. Talk about a product that you can get major use from! There is also a smaller option, the DockATot Deluxe that is meant for younger babies, birth to 8 months old.  

One of my favourite features was the breathable lightweight mattress pad with airflow. It also has a removable cover, making it a breeze for washing. 

Thanks to the DockATot travel bag, we are able to transport it easily while keeping it clean. I can't tell you how great it is to visit friends or my parents' house knowing Alessia has a place where she can safely rest. We just set it on the ground next to us, never on an elevated surface. As always, ensure that your child is properly supervised at all times. 


We do not use the DockATot in her crib, instead as a place to nap or play during the day, while my husband or myself are next to her. While I have seen many parents use the DockATot in a crib or for overnight sleeping, I would not recommend it for this use.  Remember to always place your sleeping baby on his or her back, without any pillows, blankets or bumpers in order to lower risks of suffocation. 

For younger babes, the DockATot is a great product to facilitate tummy time. A lot of babies have a harder time with tummy time but the DockATot allows you to rest your baby over the rounded bumper, making it a lot easier on baby. 

Alessia is now 11 months and loves to use it during play time. Because I can easily transport it from room to room, she can be by my side as she plays and I get things done around the house. 

Transition from Crib to Bed: 
As Alessia grows into a toddler (time, please slow down!), she will be able to use the Grand to make the transition from crib to bed easier. The numbers or the Grand act as a bed guard, making the transition not only easier, but safer as well. 

The DockATot is so beautifully designed and is such a well built product. There are lots of designs to chose from. When I have travelled with it, people have come up to me to ask me about it. It's definitely a product that stands out and I think a lot of it has to do with how beautifully made they are. You can find more information on the DockATot here


Thursday, 24 August 2017

Four Ways to Wear White

In the Winter, I wrote a post about Winter whites and how to feel confident wearing white even with all the weather elements against you. I have worn a lot of white this summer so I wanted to do a round up of some of my favourite white staples. Lots of you always tell me how afraid you are of wearing white because it's a fact of life - you wear white and that's the day you spill your coffee or yogurt that morning! I'd encourage you to give white a chance though and if you're still super freaked about getting it dirty, try wearing white with light patterns!

I have linked some of my favourite white staples at the bottom.

One of my favourite buys this summer has to be the white jeans from Banana Republic. I bought these in petites so the length is perfect on my 5'0 stature.

Top: Ann Taylor | Jeans: Banana Republic | Shoes: Call it Spring 

Another of my favourite purchases of the summer was this off-the-shoulder white shirt. The material is a bit thicker so it reminds me of fresh, sun-dried laundry. This one actually ran a bit big so I had to size down to xxs. I love the fact that it doesn't ride up though and actually stays off-the-shoulder.

Rompers are always such an easy choice for warmer months. As we begin seeing chillier evenings, it's easy to throw a cardigan over this one. Rompers are so versatile and you can pair them with flats, wedges, loafers or casual sneakers; depending on the look you are going for! Going apple picking in a few weeks? Wear your romper with cute rain boots and a cardigan!

Top: Winners | Romper: Abercrombie & Fitch  

For an easy look to help you transition to fall, add a sweater with some drama. This sweater was perfect for smaller frames because I felt it had the right amount of drama without overwhelming a petite figure. It's a great way to wear the new trend while still keeping the classic look.

Top: Winners | Jeans: Hollister | Shoes: Call It Spring



Monday, 14 August 2017

Meat Subscription Box + Chimichurri Recipe

truLocal Wild Caught Icelandic Cod & Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon 

I come from an Argentine family and we take barbecues very seriously back home; we call them 'asados'. It's not just about a meal, it's about quality time spent together, away from phones, work, activities and social media. It's a time when you get to be present and just enjoy each other's company, as well as the food. Growing up in our family, my dad was the barbecue chef - or as my little brother nicknamed him - 'BBQ dad'. For these special barbecues, we used to drive into the city and go to one particular butcher shop where we could get the specific cuts of meats that we needed for our 'asados' -  (btw, these cuts aren't sold at your local grocery store, you needed to make the drive downtown, stand in line, take a number and watch your whole Saturday morning dwindle away on this one task!). This goes to show you how important asados are to an Argentine family!

   truLocal Hot Italian Sausages 

When I came across TruLocal, I was so excited to try their meat products because they are a company that delivers local, antibiotic-free, free run, no hormones-added meat to your front door. We all know that subscription boxes are all the rage right now and I was excited to hear that the Milton-based company offers products that are not only delicious but that you can feel good about consuming.

Unlike many other subscription boxes, truLocal allows you to customize and decide what meat products will be delivered to you. This means you know exactly what you are getting when that delivery arrives, making meal planning that much easier. They have a large selection including the ever so popular Striploin Steak, Filet Mignon and Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon to Lamb Loin Chops and Elk T-bone.

You can modify your box to what you love and have it shipped to your front door! (Do you know how amazing it is to have your groceries delivered to your door?) Even if you are not home, because of the packaging and dry ice, your products will still be frozen when you get home that evening! The subscriptions are flexible, allowing you to set up a plan that best suits you and your needs. You can even decide to try different meat products, changing your monthly box picks!

truLocal Lean Ground Beef Tacos 

As you guys already know me, you know that I only endorse brands and products that I believe in and use myself. truLocal's meat products were so delicious but my favourite aspect of this is that truLocal's products are locally sourced with Ontario's best suppliers; its so important for us to begin looking at where our food comes from, making sure that it is sustainable.

The box was beautifully packaged and even included a recipe card inside. Each product was individually vacuum sealed, making it much easier to defrost only what I needed for that particular meal.

We had a huge barbecue and had our family over - everyone loved the meat but more than anything, I loved the service and experience truLocal provided.

Thank you truLocal for this delicious experience!

truLocal Striploin Steak 

Chimichurri Sauce: Original Argentine Recipe

This sauce is used on grilled meats in Argentina. It's an intense and flavourful sauce that is best served fresh but can be prepared and refrigerated for 24 hours.


1/2 cup olive oil
2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
1/2 cup finely chopped parsley
3-4 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
1 red chili, finely chopped (approx one tablespoon)
3/4 teaspoon dried oregano
salt and pepper to taste


  1. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl. Allow to sit for ten minutes to release all of the flavours into the oil before using.
  2. Use sauce to baste meats (chicken or steaks) while grilling or add a tablespoon over your steak and serve (my favourite). Enjoy! 

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