Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Classic Trench

Trench coats are the epitome of Spring. With an array of colours, they have the power to take your outfit up a notch, making even the simplest of outfits, effortlessly chic.  The classic trench coat has been around for over one hundred years! It was used by military because of its durable material that could withstand the elements (wind, rain, etc). Today, we use them not only for their function, but also for the way they can perfectly tie together an entire outfit, leaving you looking polished and timeless. In this post, I want to review two trench coats, both in the classic ten-button style. One of my favourite things about the trench coat is all of the many ways that it can be worn. Each style giving your outfit a different look altogether. To achieve this, try rolling up the sleeves, popping the collar up or tying the belt towards the back. Buttoning up the trench coat will also protect your outfit from getting wet should you get caught in a Spring downpour.

The first trench coat is from Ann Taylor and it is in a camel colour. It is a thicker material and therefore wrinkles much less. I love the interior lining that they have put on this one because it counters the khaki, it is a soft coral. When closed, it's a beautiful slim fit and does not add much bulk despite of it being a heavier material. For reference, I bought this trench coat in a xs petite. I found that the sleeve length was perfect and wouldn't need altering.

This exact model and colour is no longer available at Ann Taylor but the 'modern trench' is and is currently on sale (colour: 'paradise orange'). You can find that one here.  That beautiful bright colour will definitely make a statement on those grey, cloudy days!

The second trench that I wanted to share is from Banana Republic. I have a couple of khaki coloured trench coats and wanted to get one in black. What sold me on this particular one was the beautiful yet subtle A line shape that it has when it is buttoned up. It's perfect to wear over fuller skirts as they will not be crushed and will simply mimic its shape. Another selling point for me on this particular trench was the animal print lining. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen that I don't wear animal prints so I found this a good way of dipping my toes into this trend without going all out. The animal print lining is no longer available but the classic black trench is and you can find it here.

If you are building your wardrobe and you are focusing on the staples, I definitely recommend that you invest in a good trench coat - it will last you years and because it's a classic, it will always be in style.



Thursday, 16 February 2017

Winter Whites

One of my favourite colours to wear during the winter months is white. I know what you are thinking, between the slush, salt and sleet, it makes it nearly impossible to keep your winter whites, white! I love how chic it looks though! Regardless of the added care that goes along with wearing light colours in less than friendly weather, I love how it brightens and freshens up a wardrobe that tends to be mostly dark during the cold months. A white wool coat is a classic staple and can be either dressed up or down. I paired mine with a grey slouchy bag from Coach and grey knitted scarf. I tend to lean more towards pairing white with other neutrals such as grey or cream but one of the great things about white coats is that you can choose a bold colour or print to pair it with.

Dry cleaners become our wool coat's best friends here in Toronto (always read the labels though!) Whenever possible, try spot cleaning as you go. Maintaining your coats as much as possible day-to-day will go a long way to keeping them looking great. Invest in a soft suede brush and gently brush your coat; this will remove any lint and surface soil. At the end of the winter months, I take them to be dry cleaned and then use garment bags to store them away in my closet.

This particular one is from Zara (exact one no longer available). There are some great sales on outerwear at the moment so now is good time to shop for a few pieces for next year. Some of my favourite stores that cater to petite sizes in outwear are Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Aritzia and Zara.

What do you guys think about wearing white in Winter? 


Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Welcome to Petite in Blush!

Hey guys, I'm so excited to begin this new journey! I've always loved fashion; from the textures and colours, to the way an outfit can make you feel confident and ready to take on the day. I began my Instagram feed as a way to take my love for fashion one step further! Those who know me, know that I'm a pretty shy and reserved person (I don't even have a personal FB account guys!) Having pictures taken of me and posting them has really challenged me to step out of my comfort zone. It is a challenge that I welcome though because we only get one lifetime to pursue our passions and dreams! I look forward to getting to know you guys and hopefully helping out my fellow petite girls with some petite-friendly outfit ideas and solutions. Thanks for following in my journey!
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