Tuesday 18 April 2017

Building a (Modern) Classic Capsule

I've always loved the classic style. I love the tailored pieces and the clean lines that classic staples bring. I sprinkle trends here and there but my core pieces that build my wardrobe are all classics. Last week I shared a few tips on cleaning out your closet (you can read about it here). So now that you've made all of that extra space, let's talk about building it back up with key and durable pieces. By building a capsule of staples, you are able to build many outfits by mixing and matching, many of them are even able to take you from season to season.

I've put together a capsule of must-haves in your wardrobe for the classic style. Whatever your style may be though, try building your own capsule of key, high quality pieces that are durable. This will help you put together more outfits in less amount of time when you are rushing out the door in the mornings. When you shop, think of the pieces that you still need in your wardrobe. As trends come in and out, you can add some of them to your staple or "base" pieces. I find that by having a capsule in mind, I am able to focus on those as I build my wardrobe and it deters me from those impulse buys (well....most of the time). When shopping for these, look for texture, pattern and definition. At a glance, the pieces may look quite basic but by choosing pieces that have some depth, you can create a modern classic look. For example, the white scarf that is shown below may look like a plain white scarf, but when you look at it up close, it actually has a leopard design. And remember, these are just your base pieces so mix that floral skirt you already own with a crisp white blouse, throw a trench coat on and you're ready to go!

Here are 25 of my top picks:

The Capsule:

Wool Coat: If you live anywhere where it gets even remotely cooler in the fall or winter months, this is definitely a must. A wool coat is a great layering piece and will help pull your outfit together, making you look polished.

Beige trench coat: Again, sometimes the last article you put on is what pulls the outfit together. A trench coat has the ability to make your outfit effortlessly chic. Roll up the sleeves for an extra touch.

Blazer: A blazer paired with a pair of dark wash jeans and some cute flats are totally work appropriate while wearing it with a full skirt and heels makes it a perfect party outfit.

A little black dress: Every woman needs a LBD in her closet. A dress that take you from the office to a dinner party.

A little white dress: Just like the LBD, you also need a LWD in your wardrobe. Think of a dress that can either be dressed up with a pair of killer heels and accessories, or down with some flats.

Pencil skirt: Fit is everything when choosing a pencil skirt. Get it in a neutral colour (think navy, black, beige). Wear with a dressier top or a chambray shirt for a more casual look.

Denim jeans in a dark wash: I always suggest beginning with a dark wash. Choose a well fitted pair that you feel comfortable in.

White jeans: White jeans give you that airy, summery feel. I wear my white jeans year round though adding textured cardigans and knits in colder months.

Tailored black pants: Pick one that is your perfect fit or have it tailored.

Striped shirt: Cotton, knits, cashmere...there are so many different striped shirts to choose from - the hard part will be picking your fave!

White dress shirt/blouse: Look for a great white dress shirt that is high quality, wrinkle-free and that fits you perfectly. 

A gingham shirt: Tucked in, tied up at the front, dressed down with a pair of white jeans and flats or dressed for work with a pencil skirt and heels. So many options with this classic!

Cardigan: Always think about layers. Layers are not only functional but they also help give your outfit texture and depth.

Sweater, pull-over: Keep the collar in mind and pick the one that flatters your body shape. Wear it over your button up shirts or under your blazer.

Boots: With so many options now, it will be hard to pick a favourite. Start with a riding boot in a caramel or black colour. Suede or leather will make you wish it was Fall weather year-round!

Classic ballet flats: A cute pair of leopard print flats or a simple black pair.

Classic pumps: Choose a pair that are comfortable and made of good quality leather. Start with a neutral (black, grey).

Bags: Choose a tote in a beautiful camel colour that can be worn with practically any everyday outfit. A great clutch in a neutral shade should also be part of your capsule.

Tortoise shell sunglasses: Because they will always be a classic and so chic!

Silk scarf: Use this silk scarf around your neck, on your bag or your hair. Use it as your pop of colour in your outfit!

Statement necklaces: You may have noticed that most classic looks often use pearl necklaces. I'm not  a huge fan of pearls but a great statement necklaces is a definite must. Because classic looks are quite simple in patterns and colours, a statement necklace brings the entire outfit up a notch.

A couple of extra tips:

Look for patterns such as stripes, gingham and tartan.

While classic colours are grey, black, navy, white and beige, add bright pops of red, yellow, pink, green and blues to your staples.

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