Saturday, 20 May 2017

The Wedding Guest

My wedding bouquet 

So Spring is in full swing and that also means, it's officially wedding season. Have you started RSVPing to those invites yet? If you have, you've probably also started thinking about what you'll wear. Well, you my friend, are in luck! In Spring, the prettiest dresses can be found in most stores and boutiques so there are so many beautiful options! I've put together a few options for you, from romantic to black tie, so grab a coffee and let's get started!

Where to begin...

Dress Code: The most important thing to note, is the type of wedding it will be. Knowing where or what type of wedding it is will let you know what type of attire to wear. For example, the invitation will usually note if it is a black tie/formal or a destination wedding. Always begin here. It's a bit awkward to show up over or underdressed so look into it first!

Wearing White: You don't want to draw attention away the bride - it is after all, her day! One thing to note is that you should never wear white to a wedding. You probably have heard this a million times but let me tell you, it still happens! (Trust me, someone did it at my wedding - yep, let's not get into that right now though). The only time that this is acceptable is of course, if the invitation calls for an all-white dress code. Other than that, leave the white dress for the Bride. You should also steer clear from wearing white, cream or eggshell to any wedding showers and or wedding events (dress rehearsal dinner, etc).

Wearing Black: People still question whether it is okay to wear a little black dress to a wedding. It is! A few years ago, this would have been off-limits but today, it is totally acceptable and appropriate for formal or evening weddings. Look for soft ruffles or lace to soften the look of a LBD for a wedding though.

Being aware: Be respectful of any religious affiliation. Be careful of not showing too much skin in a church wedding or if a particular religion asks that arms and legs be covered.

There were so many great choices to choose from this year but I have finally been able to narrow them down. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Dress Code: Formal/Black Tie 

While "Formal" on an invitation may have you thinking of long gowns, don't worry. A cocktail dress is also appropriate with the right accessories and heels. If you feel like the venue calls for a gown, you don't have to shell out major bucks. There are places that you know

This gorgeous number is from Lulus with its mermaid skirt and sweetheart neckline. I love the delicate cutout right above the waist; it's a pierced lace detail. It's a modern twist on a classic favourite and it's under $100! Navy is a great way of wearing a neutral without doing the typical LBD; add a small clutch and strappy sandals and you're set.

Dress Code: Semi-Formal

Express has done it again. This beautiful maxi dress comes in several hues (including a solid, white...for all those beautiful Brides and their bridal showers). The cut outs on the side allow you to show some skin without you being overexposed. If you are heavier chested however, be aware as it does have a deep V neckline.

Dress Code: Garden Party

I love how effortlessly chic this floral print midi dress is. It's hard to tell from the picture but it has a bit if a slit running along the front of the dress. It features pink, green and teal florals and ruffled, short sleeves. As you've probably been seeing everywhere you turn, ruffles and statement sleeves are everything this season. This dress is from Somedays Lovin' and it comes in under $140.

Dress Code: Beach/Destination Wedding

Can't you just picture this dress blowing in the summer breeze by the ocean? This dress is uber-feminine and will keep you cool during that beach wedding.

And just in case, here are a two more I couldn't not mention!



Kelsey Rose 


Thursday, 18 May 2017

Favourite Basics

Duster: Missguided | Knit: Wilfred (Aritzia) | Jeans: Banana Republic | Shoes: 

I'm all about the basics...actually, if I'm not careful, I can easily live in basics everyday! Since having a baby 7 months ago, at times, it's a struggle to want to live in anything other than basics but you totally can! It does require some thought though but I promise you, it becomes even easier if you have a capsule wardrobe. If you want to read more about building a capsule wardrobe, click here.

We all have our favourite pieces that we wear on repeat. The pieces that make us feel comfortable, stylish and basically, awesome. From our favourite coats that leave us feeling polished to our favourite cardigan that gives us all the feels. We've all got them.

If you follow me on Instagram, you will probably be able to spot some of my faves. I've put together a list of them and explain why they work.

Jeans: Probably the most iconic basic ever...denim. Have you ever counted how many pairs of jeans are currently in your closet? I bet you it's more than you thought you had!

A great pair of jeans will take you so far. There are so many styles and colours to choose from that it can definitely become overwhelming. I always start with my foundation pieces so I have a pair in a  dark wash, a pair of black and a pair of white. High rise jeans are having a moment right now and are great but if you don't feel like the high rise style are for you or you aren't comfortable taking that trend on, I definitely recommend the mid rise. It's, it helps suck everything in after a big meal (double score).

The t-shirt: Like the jeans, what other article of clothing is as classic as the t-shirt?! I highly suggest buying t-shirts that are higher quality. You will be washing and re-wearing these like crazy so invest in great quality cotton. Instead of opting for the cheaper $5 t-shirts that will have pilling the moment you first wash them, invest. Start with the basic colours; white, black and grey.

Drape Coat: I've been obsessed with the drape dusters for a couple of months and was looking for the right one. This was a more difficult buy because of my petite frame and I couldn't find the right length. When I saw this one online, I fell for the colour right away - you know me and neutrals! I loved the purchase but because it was an online buy from outside of Canada, there were extra costs upon delivery.

Black tights: Always a staple in my closet. This is another item I would definitely say to invest in in order to get higher quality material. Black tights are so versatile and will definitely always be there for you when you are running out the door and have no idea what to wear. I can't stress this enough though: make sure that the black tights aren't see-through when worn!

Cardigan: I'm always cold so my closet consists mainly of coats and cardigans! So. many. cardigans. My favourites have been from Aritzia and Topshop.  Bring the coziness on.

Booties: I feel like booties are my cheat shoes. They instantly make me feel like I've put effort into my outfit, even on days I don't feel like it.

What are your favourite basics? Let me know!


Wednesday, 10 May 2017

No Size Fits All

Top: Banana Republic | Clutch: Coach

Although I'm petite and highlight styling tips and suggestions for other petites, this blog is for any woman who wants to feel confident and stylish so I always try to give as much information as possible when it comes to the articles of clothing I write about. I certainly don't always follow "petite" labels for everything; I also buy "regular" size from time to time, depending if the fit is better. So let's talk about sizing for a bit.

I have mentioned this before, it's so exciting to see more and more brands diversifying their sizes to also include petites. I remember a few years back, I had to get all of my pants hemmed because there weren't many other options. There was one particular store that carried for petite women but it was for an older age group so I was left with having my clothes altered each time. Standard sizes though are an approximation of proportion only; in order to get a true fit, we need to try things on and perhaps even get that article tailored to our specific shape.

So have you ever walked by the Petite section and kept walking just because you're over 5"5 and feel like everything would be too small for you? Well let me tell you that perhaps, you may want to start looking there! Here's why...

Petite sizing is about proportions. That means that the actual measurements that are used are all around for a smaller frame. For example, shoulder to chest, chest to waist and waist to hip. It's not just about the length of the pants like most people think but more about the distance from one body part to the other. Like all sizes, they are all cookie-cutter and we may still need to venture out of our regular "sizes" and try other things on. When I'm shopping and I find something that I like, I usually take one in my usual size and two other sizes (one up and one down) in order to get an idea of best fit. Women with the same height and weight may look very different from each other and that is because of our different body shapes; some of us have longer or shorter torsos, longer and shorter legs, etc... It is all about fit. Remember, sizes can also do so much so it is up to us to try several sizes of the same article of clothing. Having said all that, if you're petite, you're not limited to labels that say petite and vice versa!

Knowing the Brands that Work Best for You:

There are many designers and brands that have cuts to suit either larger or smaller proportions to begin with. For example, the smallest cuts are those of Japanese and Italian designers. If you are a petite, you may want to check out Japanese or Italian brands whose cuts fit to smaller proportions. The main thing to remember is, don't get stuck on a specific size or label (tall, regular, petite) instead, try different ones to see what works best on you.

For those of you who aren't petites, here are some signs that you may need a petite size for a particular article of clothing:

- the rise of the pants is too low (regardless if the waistband has been altered to be smaller)
- pockets fall too low on the hip

- you're always adjusting the shoulder straps because they sag or fall
- you are always altering to have your shoulder seems lifted

Bottom Line:

Keep trying different sizes and don't get stuck on the size or number on the label. Happy shopping, loves!


Monday, 1 May 2017

Spring '17 Must-Haves

With Spring in full swing, I've put together a list of this season's must-haves. These trends were seen everywhere on the runway and have trickled their way into our wardrobes. These amazing pieces will take you into Summer, keeping you cool and fresh while making you look polished. Let's get started!

White Jeans: Like I noted in my last post about building your wardrobe capsule (you can read about it here), white jeans are a staple and should be in every girl's closet. Choose the style and cut you feel most comfortable in and it will be your base for most of the cute shirt trends that are out now.

Off-the-shoulder tops: No matter where you look, you'll see these tops everywhere this season. This trend began last summer and it does not seem to be slowing down. This particular one also incorporates the statement sleeves (read more about that trend a bit further down).

Florals: from dresses to skirts and blouses, florals are everywhere this Spring. This pencil skirt is beautiful and can also be worn to the office. More and more offices now call for business casual attire so pair it with cute, pointed-toe flats and a delicate top so the skirt takes the main stage.

Stripes: Stripes are everywhere this season, nautical, bold, thin, vertical, horizontal! I love that this shirt has vertical lines, lengthening the torso. It's also petite friendly as the stripes are quite small and the ruffle details aren't overwhelming on a smaller frame. This shirt here has also incorporated another major trend this season...

Ruffles: I am obsessed with this shirt. It's an asymmetrical tank that is perfect for dressing up or down. Throw on with a pair of your white jeans and sneakers for that farmer's market run on Saturday or with a pencil skirt and heels to the office.

Pleated Skirt: Looking for a little bit of flaire? There's nothing like a pleated skirt to make you feel ultra feminine. There are so many different variations now of the pleated skirt, choose from a variety of lengths, patterns and even the amount of pleats, like this one.

Statement Sleeves: This jumpsuit from Zara is a beautiful example of the statement sleeve in a gorgeous blush tone. Again, with this trend, you can go as bold as you feel comfortable in! This jumpsuit is perfect for wedding season and is under $90!

One-shoulder: If you aren't comfortable doing the whole off-the-shoulder trend, you're in luck because you can jump on board with the trend without showing too much skin. There are so many variations of this one-shoulder trend. If you want to use it in the office, I'd recommend throwing a blazer or cardigan on top though.

White Sneakers: If Olivia Palermo can wear sneakers, so can you! Find these in slip ons, velcro and lace up variations. There's no wrong way to wear these babies but my fave right now is pairing them with distressed jeans.

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