Sunday 11 June 2017

My Must-have Bras

Let's talk about a very important issue that is sometimes largely overlooked when it comes to fashion.  We often look at our outfits, planning each layer and piece, down to the final detail but overlook the most important foundation - our undergarments. Did you know that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size? 80%! Bras can make or break outfits that we have so carefully put together so it only makes sense that we give some thought to what you'll be wearing under your outfit! In this post, I want to highlight three of the most important bras in my wardrobe and how they work with three different outfits. But first, a little background to what led me to this...

A few years back, I was talking to my sister and some of our friends and we were sharing our frustrations about finding the right bra sizes. Like most of us, I used to go to the mall and buy (what I thought) was my size. I would shell out tons of cash on pretty bras that were worthless on me or my body shape because they were the wrong size, the back band would always ride up and I was constantly having to adjust it. One of my sister's friends shared her same frustrations and told me that she had found a place that actually carries a large range of sizes. After years of spending so much on bras that were ill-fitting, I decided to give it a try.

I first visited Inside Story's Mississauga location and loved the boutique style. The ladies there were kind and took the time to ask me what my bra needs were and were able to provide me with several options - sans measuring tape! That's how good they are at figuring you what size you need. With each bra type and style they brought to me in my gorgeous fitting room, we were able to really figure out what looked and felt great to me. Seriously girls, I can't tell you the satisfaction I had walking out of there, wearing my new bra home - for the first time, I felt incredibly comfortable and confident in my own skin. That was four years ago and I have never looked back! I have continued shopping at both of their locations, there's one downtown Oakville as well! Both locations make you feel like you have just walked into a little Paris boutique. The personalized shopping experience doesn't end there - Inside Story keeps your styles and sizes on file so that you can phone in your orders when there are sales and cannot get to there store on time. How great is that?! Grab a girlfriend and check out Inside Story, trust me, you'll love the experience.

Here are my current favourite bras.

The Strapless

As we all know, off-the-shoulder looks are hot this spring and summer. They began making a comeback last summer and they aren't going anywhere this year either.  I often feel like I can't wear strapless bras because of my bigger chest size but this bra made me feel confident. The smooth fit was perfect under this light and breezy OTS top and because I'm wearing a nude colour, it was perfect under the white colour. My favourite thing about this particular style however was that it creates a lift and it actually makes you look lighter - yay. Because it is a convertible bra, you can actually adjust the straps to several looks (i.e. crossback). And for my petite girls, it actually provides two places where it can hook so it allows the straps to sit on a more narrow back if needed. You can shop this look here.

The T-shirt Bra: (PrimaDonna)
After having spent so much time putting your outfit together,  the last thing you want is to look at your reflection and realize that your bra has made strange shapes in your t-shirt. Definitely not the cute look you were going for! This bra takes care of all of that. Once you find the one that fits like it was made for you, it is absolutely seamless under form-fitting clothing. Because of its soft padded cups, it provides support and coverage so you can confidently wear what you want!

The minimizer: Chantelle (Hedona)
One of their most popular bras (and I can see why!) is the Chantelle Hedona. It provides full coverage and support but it is so seamless that it can also be worn under form-fitting clothing. Because of its soft moulded cups, it provides a minimizing look which I loved! It is a beautiful bra and has beautiful details. This has been one of the most comfortable bras I have ever worn! You can find this bra here.

I hope this has helped build on your foundation pieces or helped you get started. Make sure to visit Inside Story if you have any questions about the bras I mentioned above or for your own bra fitting!

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  1. I LOVE Inside Story! I use the Chantelle bra and can honestly say it's the best T-shirt bra. It is comfortable and does not add more bust!


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