Tuesday 25 July 2017

10 Investment Pieces You'll Love Forever

A while back, I wrote a blog post about building a capsule wardrobe in an effort to own and have less material things (you can read about it here). Living in a condo, I have had to readjust many things - mainly the use of space. Closet real estate is hot property so I try to take care of it wisely, only shopping for those key pieces that I'm missing/needing. Having a list like that definitely helps when shopping because with all of the beautiful things being displayed in stores and new styles coming in weekly, it really can be never ending. The trick is to be wise about it! One of the best ways to get you thinking about your shopping choices is calculating cost per wear. Something that may be inexpensive but would only last a few wears may have a higher cost than a big ticket item that you end up wearing all of the time. Think about the longevity of your wardrobe as you make your choices. With all of that said, I've put together a list of ten investment pieces that every woman should have in her closet.  These are the ones that are worth the splurge as your cost per wear will definitely be worth it.

Dark Wash Jeans: We all have several pairs of jeans and now with out newest distressed obsession, we may be missing one key pair, the dark wash. They are flattering on everyone and the wash allows you to dress it up or down. Find the cut that best suits your body type and I promise that it's the pair that you'll be reaching for for years. 

The Handbag: Most of us use a bag everyday and for that reason alone, it should be a high quality piece that is versatile and can be worn with most of your outfits. Because of its high quality, it will last you years, even with everyday tear and wear. Here are a few of my favourite structured bags. 

Jewelry Statement Pieces: A lot of us have a signature look and just like your look, you should have a  timeless piece of jewelry that you can wear daily. Think of a classic bangle or a statement ring. I'm not very big on jewelry but I do love bracelets. I have two bracelets that my husband bought for me before each one of our two kids were born; these are so special and significant to me and I rarely take them off.

The Classic Timepiece: A watch now is seen as much more than a functional piece. Your watch can now be the finishing touch on your outfit. Think classic, elegant, simple. Remember, it's all in the details...

Trench Coat: The reason this is an investment piece is because you can wear it over anything and it will make you look chic and polished. Invest in a classic look; you'll have it forever.

The LBD: The little black dress is timeless and I guarantee you will be reaching for it time and time again. Choose one that is flattering on you and the only thing you'll have to worry about when in need of a LDB next time, is how to accessorize it.

The Classic Pump: Choose a mid or high heel and it will make anything from jeans to pencil skirts look chic. Start with a neutral (black, navy, nude).

The Camel Coat: This coat is by far one of my favourite items in my closet (I actually have several). There is something so elegant about slipping a camel coat over your outfit. Want to take it up a notch? Wear it over your shoulders or add a great scarf.

The Chic Flats: With so many options now, the difficult part will be deciding which style to invest in! Flats, loafers, slip ons...happy shopping!

The Cashmere Cardigan: This cardigan is a great layering piece and in most places, you'll use it year round. Make sure to invest in a good quality cardigan in a style that is flattering on you and it will pull almost any outfit together. 


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