Thursday, 6 July 2017

Classic Rainwear

I remember back when I was a teen, it wasn't cool to carry an umbrella to school. Umm...what were we thinking?! I used to walk half an hour every morning and when I got to school, I'd be soaked - but god forbid, I carry an umbrella. Don't even get me started on rain boots. Anyone else remember those days? Well, thank goodness those teen years are over and I have become reacquainted with rain gear! With so many colours and styles to choose from, even the rainy days can become ultra chic.

Trench: Ann Taylor | Top: Banana Republic | Tights: Lole Women | Boots: Coach 

My high school days are long gone and so is my dislike for all things rain gear! One of the staples in your closet should always be a trench coat. Choose a neutral (black, beige, navy) and start there! There are so many cuts and styles and they'll flatter all body types. I have a few in my closet and this one is from Ann Taylor. I'm unable to link this particular one so I've linked another one that I have in my closet from Banana Republic. I tend to lean towards the classics, that's just the style that I like best on me but there are so many cute rainy days outfits for every style. Topshop has some really fun ones if you are looking for bright gear!

These Coach rain boots are great for most of the year. I've worn them well into late Fall with heavier socks and they've been great. They are completely waterproof so there's no worry when you are walking through puddles or mud. Because I'm petite, I love that these boots sit well below the knee - I find that other boots are too high for me and end up looking strange. Mine are the smooth finish but I linked similar ones to mine. 

For my base, I used Lole tights. Lole Women is a Canadian (yay) activewear brand. I love the tights however I found myself having to hike them up a few times during the day as they begin to sag a bit. Other than that, they're great and opaque - one of the most important factors when looking into tights in order to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions!

The top is from Banana Republic. It's currently in stores and comes in both black and white. The laser-cut details are so pretty and delicate. Bonus: it also comes in Petite sizing.


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