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Stuart Weitzman OTK Boots Review + Caring for Suede Boots

Review + How to Care for Suede Boots

I have a fashion wish list that I’ve been keeping for a couple of years now and last month, I purchased something that had been on my list for over a year! I made some closet space for a pair of Stuart Weitzman suede boots. You’ve probably seen them all over Instagram and on your fave celebrities and there’s a reason for why you have seen them all over. They really are that good. I’ll go over a few of the points that sold me over on these boots as they really are an investment. I read a lot of information and reviews on them before I purchased them. I knew I wanted a pair for Fall so of course, being that I’m such a sucker for neutrals, I went with the grey. Surprisingly enough though, I purchased the highlands rather than the lowlands (I usually prefer flats to heels). I had currently purchased a pair of flat grey OTK boots so I figured that for the SW pair, I’d try the heels! Here’s what I have learned about them in the past month.


Honestly, if you have been looking to invest in a great pair of boots, these boots are totally worth it. I would definltey recommend going with a pair of Stuart Weitzman. Whether you are into a heel or would prefer a flat boot, the quality in amazing. They are the most comfortable boots I have worn and they are so warm, that they'll keep your legs warm on those chilly, Fall days. One of my favourite things about them was how supple and soft the suede is. Trust me, your legs will love them!

One of the selling factors for me was the fact that they are also petite friendly. I highly recommend these boots for petites. Because of the stretch, they conform to your leg, decreasing that gap between your leg and the boot at the calf. They also have a tie at the back so you can tie it up to avoid them sliding down as you walk. I haven’t had any issues with mine and they have stayed put all day long!


 I find it hard to find heels that are comfortable enough to be worn all day long but these boots are amazingly comfortable. The thicker blocked heel helps the comfort level. If you are trying to decide between the high heel version or the flat boots, just try to think of what you’d get more use out of. I definitely would get more use from the flat boots, but like I mentioned, I had just recently purchased a pair so I went with the heel version. A lot of petites have a hard time finding great boots that actually fit properly and these are high quality pair that I definitely recommend.


Like all things that are worth the investment, care is a major part of the package. Caring for these boots will take a little more effort than your Hunters, but you definitely want to make sure that you are covering all your bases to decrease the chances of something happening to the suede.

1. Spray them with a stain repellent prior to wearing them. You don’t want to be wearing these suede babies in the snow or rain so to my fellow Canadians, these boots will probably only make an appearance during the fall months and be tucked in for winter months, far away from snow and slush.

2. Brushing: The boots come with a suede block that can be used to brush the suede. Also brush the boots after spraying the boots with the stain repellent in order to help the boots return to their original appearance. If you happen to get a little dirt on them, use the brush to gently brush off any dirt.

3. Storage: I like to keep my shoes in their original boxes but I know others buy plastic containers for each pair. As long as you are putting them back in their own box so they aren't being crushed with other pairs of shoes or boots, they should be okay. I keep mine lying horizontally in their box. Some people choose to use boot inserts in them while in storage to help keep them in their original shape. The problem with boot shapers is that if they are too big, you risk stretching the leather out.

What suede boots are you guys currently wearing? The next SW boot on my list? The 5050!


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